Common Conditions treated including carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, cubital tunnel syndrome, wrist fractures, scaphoid fractures and nonunions, Dupuytren's contracture, radial head fractures, olecranon fractures, elbow fractures, distal radius fractures, finger fractures, hand arthritis, CMC thumb arthritis.

Rob Gray, MD operates out of NorthShore University HealthSystem and works at Glenbrook Hospital, Skokie Hospital, Lincolnshire Orthopaedic Institute, Highland Park Hospital, Evanston Hospital, and Ravine Way Surgery Center in Glenview.

Dr. Gray specializes in Complex distal radius fractures, scaphoid fractures and nonunions, Endoscopic Cubital Tunnel Release (with or without endoscopic transposition), ultrasound-guided procedures and injections (including percutaneous tenotomy for tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, hip and knee), Endoscopic Radial Nerve decompression, Endoscopic release for exercise-induced compartment syndrome , hand arthritis, wrist arthritis, scapholunate ligament injuries.

This is a comprehensive hand surgery practice encompassing common entities like carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, radial tunnel syndrome and other peripheral neuropathies; scaphoid fractures, distal radius fractures, scapholunate ligament and other wrist injuries; tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), golfer's elbow (medial epicondylitis; elbow fractures; hand fractures, hand, wrist, and thumb arthritis; and tendon injuries and tendonopathies like trigger finger and Dequervain's tenosynovitis. In addition, less common conditions and procedures like brachial plexus injuries, free flaps including free-functioning muscle flaps, vascularized bone grafting, endoscopic cubital and/or radial tunnel releases, endoscopic olecranon bursectomy, endoscopic fasciotomies for exercise-induced compartment syndrome, congenital hand differences, ultrasonic percutaneous tenotomy for tennis elbow and golfer's elbow; and ultrasound-guided percutaneous trigger finger release and release for Dupuytren's conttracture.